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The exchange rate between two currencies is a critical factor for travelers, traders, and investors. It directly influences the purchasing power, trade relationships, and the overall economy.

For individuals and businesses dealing with the Australian dollar (Aussie) and the Nigerian Naira, being aware of the current exchange rate and understanding the influencing factors is crucial. In this article, we delve into the Aussie to Naira today black market exchange rate, factors affecting the exchange rate, and how to get the best deal.

Factors Affecting the Aussie to Naira Exchange Rate

As we explore the unpredictable world of currency exchange, it’s essential to comprehend the forces that steer the direction. Currency exchange rates, such as the Aussie to Naira, cannot be understood in isolation. They are at the mercy of a variety of economic, political, and market factors that can lead to fluctuations, sometimes even significant ones. To help you gain a better understanding of these factors, let’s examine each one in detail:

  1. Inflation Rates: The law of demand and supply isn’t just limited to goods and services but extends to currency exchange rates as well. Countries with lower inflation rates generally see an appreciation in their currency value as their purchasing power increases compared to other currencies. The reverse is true for countries with higher inflation rates.
  2. Interest Rates: Another key determinant of exchange rates is interest rates set by central banks. Higher interest rates attract foreign investors looking for the best return on their investment, thus increasing demand for the currency and consequently, its value. If the Reserve Bank of Australia increases its interest rates, for example, the Aussie’s value could rise against the Naira.
  3. Economic Performance: The economic health of a nation also plays a significant role in determining its currency’s value. If Australia’s economy is performing better than Nigeria’s, you could see the Aussie appreciating against the Naira.
  4. Political Stability: Countries with stable political environments are seen as safe havens by investors, causing an increase in the demand for that country’s currency and thus its value. Therefore, political unrest or uncertainty in Nigeria could lead to a depreciation of the Naira against the Aussie.
  5. Trade Balance: This is the difference between a country’s exports and imports. A country with a trade surplus (exports greater than imports) usually sees an appreciation of its currency as foreign buyers need more of that currency to pay for the country’s exports. For instance, if Australia has a trade surplus with Nigeria, the Aussie might strengthen against the Naira.
  6. Speculations: Believe it or not, market speculations can significantly impact exchange rates. If traders believe that the Aussie will strengthen in the future, they will buy more of it, causing an increase in its demand and value.
  7. Natural Disasters: While less frequent, events like natural disasters can impact a nation’s economy, and thus its currency. If Nigeria, for example, experiences a natural disaster that negatively impacts its economy, the Naira could depreciate against the Aussie.
  8. External Shocks: Global events like economic crises, pandemics, or significant changes in oil prices can have a ripple effect on exchange rates. Being a major oil exporter, Nigeria’s economy (and the Naira) could be impacted by a drop in oil prices, for example.

These are some of the primary factors that can influence the Aussie to Naira exchange rate. It’s essential to keep an eye on these factors and understand their impact on the currency exchange rate, which, in turn, will help you plan your transactions more effectively. Remember, in the world of foreign exchange, foreknowledge is as good as foresight.

How Much Is Australian dollar (Aussie) to Naira Black Market Rate Today, [current_date]?

The current Black market exchange rate for Australian Dollar (AUD) to Nigerian Naira (NGN) is ₦720. his rate is not steady, it is constantly changing to the rhythms of economic trends and market forces.

How Much is Australian Dollar (Aussie) to Naira in Black Market Today?

As of Today, Australian Dollar (Aussie) is bought around ₦720 and sold around ₦825 in the black market. The table below shows the buying and selling rate of Australian Dollar (Aussie) in the black market.

Australian Dollar (Aussie) to NairaBlack Market Today
Buying Rate₦720
Selling Rate₦825

Here are some sources for tracking the black market rate:

  • AbokiFx: Although the Central Bank of Nigeria banned this website, many Nigerians still use it as a reference point. Please note that information on this website might not be entirely accurate due to the ban.
  • Street traders: You can ask street traders who deal in currency exchange for the current rate. However, be cautious and compare rates from multiple sources before making a transaction.
  • News reports: Some Nigerian news outlets publish articles with the latest black market rates.

It’s important to be note that the black market rate can fluctuate throughout the day and may vary depending on your location. The black market rates displayed on this page are compiled from various online sources, including media outlets. The actual rates you encounter when buying or selling foreign currency may differ from those listed here. This platform does not set or determine foreign exchange rates.

Convert Australian Dollar (Aussie) To Naira in Black Market/AbokiFX?

Australian Dollar (Aussie) to Naira Black Market rate conversion table. Convert AUD to NGN

Amount in Australian Dollar (Aussie) (A$)Australian Dollar (Aussie) to Naira Black Market Rate in Naira
1 Australian Dollar (Aussie) (A$1) to Naira720
5 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$5) to Naira3,600
10 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$10) to Naira7,200
20 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$20) to Naira14,400
50 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$50) to Naira36,000
100 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$100) to Naira72,000
150 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$150) to Naira108,000
200 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$200) to Naira144,000
300 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$300) to Naira216,000
350 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$350) to Naira252,000
400 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$400) to Naira288,000
450 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$450) to Naira324,000
500 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$500) to Naira360,000
550 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$550) to Naira396,000
600 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$600) to Naira432,000
700 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$700) to Naira504,000
800 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$800) to Naira576,000
900 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$900) to Naira648,000
1000 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$1,000) to Naira720,000
1300 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$1300) to Naira936,000
1500 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$1500) to Naira1,080,000
1600 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$1600) to Naira1,152,000
1800 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$1800) to Naira1,296,000
1900 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$1900) to Naira1,368,000
2000 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$2,000) to Naira1,440,000
3000 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$3000) to Naira2,160,000
5000 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$5000) to Naira3,600,000
10000 Australian Dollars (Aussie) (A$10,000) to Naira7,200,000


How much is One Australian Dollar (Aussie) (A$1) to Naira in the black market today?

As of today, [current_date], the exchange rate for A$1 to Naira in the black market in Lagos, Nigeria, is around ₦720.

How much is 100 Australian Dollar (Aussie) (A$100) to Naira today in the black market?

If you’re looking to exchange A$100 to Naira in the black market today, you would multiply the exchange rate by the amount. Using the provided rate of ₦720 to A$1, A$100 would be approximately 72,000.

Thanks for reading. Do you have a question? Please leave a comment below. Also tell us the exchange rate in your area. You are our source as well.

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