Cleaning Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship June 2024


Canada’s job market is booming, and there’s a surprising industry leading the charge: cleaning! If you’re a newcomer to Canada looking for a stable job with good opportunities, cleaning might be the perfect place to start. This guide will explain why cleaning is a great option for newcomers, how to find jobs with visa sponsorship, and where to look for work across Canada.


Why Cleaning is a Great Choice for Newcomers

Canada’s cleaning industry is strong and keeps growing. More and more people are returning to offices, schools, and other buildings, which means there’s a high demand for cleaners to keep these places tidy. This high demand creates tons of job openings in all sorts of places, from office buildings and stores to hospitals and schools. Cleaning jobs are also a great fit for newcomers because they often offer:

  • Flexible hours: This is perfect if you’re still learning English or French and need to schedule your work around language classes.
  • Accessibility: Many cleaning jobs don’t require a lot of experience, so they’re a great way to get your foot in the door of the Canadian job market.
  • Room for growth: The cleaning industry offers chances to move up into supervisor or management roles.

Getting Your Visa Sponsored: Immigration Programs for Cleaners

One of the biggest advantages of cleaning jobs in Canada is that many employers offer visa sponsorship. This means they’ll help you get the work permit you need to work legally in Canada, and some programs can even lead to permanent residency. Here are a few of the main visa programs that cleaners can qualify for:

  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Canada’s provinces can nominate newcomers for permanent residency based on job offers. Many provinces have programs for lower-skilled jobs, including cleaning. Once you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, you can apply to the province to become a permanent resident. The good news is that most PNP programs don’t require a lot of cleaning experience beforehand. All they typically require is a full-time job offer with fair wages.
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: This program is designed to help fill labor shortages in Canada’s Atlantic provinces, which includes places like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. If you get accepted into this program, you can get a temporary work permit and eventually become a permanent resident if you find a cleaning job.
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot: Similar to the Atlantic program, this pilot helps people settle in smaller towns and more remote areas of Canada. If you get a job offer from an employer in one of these areas, you can get a temporary work permit and eventually become a permanent resident.
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP): This program allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers for temporary positions. The TFWP is often used to fill short-term gaps in the cleaning industry. While it’s a temporary program, the work experience you gain can help you qualify for provincial nominee programs down the road.

Finding Cleaning Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

So how do you land a cleaning job that will sponsor your visa? Here are some tips:

  • Focus on visa-friendly programs: Research the different immigration programs we talked about earlier and target your job search towards provinces or programs that offer sponsorship for cleaners.
  • Consider location: Big cities like Toronto and Vancouver have a lot of cleaning jobs, but smaller towns might be more willing to sponsor your visa. Think about where you’d like to live and choose your job search accordingly.
  • Highlight your transferable skills: Even if you don’t have direct cleaning experience, you might have other skills that employers value, like being on time, reliable, and organized. Make sure your resume highlights these transferable skills.
  • Get your resume reviewed: Many immigrant-serving agencies can help you tailor your resume to Canadian employer preferences. Take advantage of these free services!
  • Use specialized recruitment agencies: There are agencies that connect newcomers with employers who are looking for cleaners. These agencies can be a great way to find jobs that offer visa sponsorship.
  • Look for online job ads: Many job postings will mention if they’re open to hiring newcomers or people who need visa sponsorship. Search for these keywords in your online job search.
  • Attend job fairs: Job fairs specifically for newcomers are a great way to meet employers in person and learn about cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship.
  • Get involved with your community: Ethnic community associations often have job boards or know about cleaning jobs that are looking for newcomers.
  • Learn some English or French: Basic language skills will help you understand instructions and communicate effectively with employers and colleagues.
  • Get some cleaning training: While not always required, having some short-term cleaning certifications can show employers you’re serious and eager to learn. Many community colleges or adult education centers offer cleaning certificate programs.

Top Places to Find Cleaning Jobs in Canada

While major cities naturally have more cleaning jobs, there are opportunities across Canada. Consider your interests and visa program goals when choosing where to focus your job search. Here are a few of the top cities and regions for cleaning jobs:

  • Toronto: Canada’s largest city, Toronto boasts a booming commercial sector with a high demand for cleaners in office towers, hotels, hospitals, and more. Both large cleaning companies and smaller family-run operations hire cleaners here.
  • Vancouver: Vancouver’s tech industry creates a need for cleaners in its modern office buildings. The hospitality sector, with its hotels, restaurants, and convention centers, is another source of cleaning jobs. Provincial and rural pilot programs can also be helpful for finding positions here.
  • Calgary: The headquarters of major oil and gas companies in Calgary offer cleaning jobs within their large office complexes. Other employers like retailers, schools, property management companies, and hospitality businesses also hire cleaners.
  • Montreal: Montreal’s numerous universities, hospitals, and corporate offices require a lot of janitorial and cleaning staff. Being bilingual in French and English is a plus for many roles here. The Quebec Investor Immigrant Program offers a separate pathway to permanent residency in Quebec.
  • Rural and Northern Communities: Smaller towns and remote areas in Canada often struggle to find local cleaners. This creates opportunities for newcomers in schools, hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities, industrial camps, and even mining sites. The rural and northern immigration pilot program offers a streamlined path to permanent residency for those who choose this path.

Building a Long-Term Career as a Cleaner in Canada

Once you land a cleaning job in Canada, you can leverage that experience to build a stable and fulfilling life. Here are some of the benefits of working as a cleaner in Canada:

  • Valuable Canadian work experience: This experience can fulfill the requirements of many immigration programs, helping you achieve permanent residency.
  • Improved language skills: Your English or French will naturally improve as you work and interact with colleagues and clients.
  • Local knowledge and connections: Over time, you’ll gain valuable local knowledge and build professional relationships that can help you advance your career.
  • A pathway to your goals: The security and stability of a cleaning job can allow you to pursue your long-term goals, like buying a home, starting a business, or going back to school for further education.



Canada’s booming cleaning industry offers a unique opportunity for newcomers to enter the job market, gain valuable experience, and build a successful future. By understanding the available visa programs, highlighting your transferable skills, and focusing your job search on the right places, you can find a cleaning job that paves the way for permanent residency and a fulfilling career path in Canada. So, don’t underestimate the power of cleaning! With hard work and dedication, it can be your stepping stone to a bright future in Canada.

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